Discover more in Lisbon, in less time with a zero carbon print.

VISÃO Magazine has recently dedicated a few pages to the trending cycling tours around Lisbon. As VISÃO Magazine wrote, cycling is one of the healthiest and most ecological ways to meet the history and landscapes of Portugal and Lisbon in particular.


In a phone interview Gonçalo confirms that:

over the last years, Lisbon is becoming more and more a bike friendly city. Nevertheless the shortest route from A to B may not the best way to discover the city. You need to have a proper guide who can show you, not only the best routes, but also the hidden gems in Lisbon… those secret places that you can access by bike and that make the difference.

Gonçalo states that with Cycling Lisbon, the tours (Along the river and through the market and the 3 faces of Lisbon) are always the combination of cycling, gastronomy (with local delicacies), sightseeing and classic stops next to most iconic monuments.

The article is available only in their magazine’s print version. You can see it here (available only in Portuguese)

Here’s the link to the VISÃO’s cover, edition number 1330