City of The Senses – 3 faces of Lisbon Private Tour


Friends and family that play together, stay together. That’s why we offer any tour as private. It’s your trip, with your group, on your schedule. Pick your date and ride, and we’ll reserve it for you alone. Act now to lock in your date while it’s open, and take advantage of our private pricing. It’s perfect, and perfectly personal.

We’re proud to introduce the newest, most advanced way to ride longer, farther and faster than ever before: The electric assisted bikes. We haven’t just changed your day. We’ve changed how riders of different abilities can discover Lisbon together.

From the intricate medieval streets of Alfama to the relaxing river ride and across the Forest Park of the capital, there are three “faces” of our capital city waiting to be discovered.

Let´s wave to our marvellous e-bikes, thanks to them we keep going up to the highest points in the city and no need for cyclist legs. This 25 km ride showcases the best viewpoints the city has to offer, with the ease and joy of an e-bike. Some people may call it cheating, we call it fun and no sweating!

Lisbon a city known for its light and its hills, both in a vibrant harmonie of seven, from red to green, from romanesque to baroque, orange to blue, from silvery sardines to Japanese ”chá”, yellow on every street car, violet for the melancholic “fado”. All this combinations and diversity make Lisbon a really interesting city, especially when you add the local people to the equation. This is what we want you to explore with us!

Be as creative as you please, along our visit you will not be short of experiences, port wine red, African indigo, white sails, salted breeze, fresh fish, castle walls, street art, cobble stones, golden altars, new sounds, old books, unpronounceable words, smiles, and silent blue tiles.
Come and cycle Lisbon, a rainbow for your senses.

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Why take THIS tour, Why THIS tour with Cycling Lisbon?

We are the ONLY tour company doing this combination of a urban environment and a Forest Park. We choose to lead a tour involving both because it really gives you 3 different “visions” of the same city.

Here, like in all our tours we refuse to pass out the generic, scripted tour info.

Who might not enjoy our tours?

We made a list of 2 types of people who may not enjoy our tours.

#1 says: “People who want everything organized perfectly from day one to the final departure.”This tour visit Alfama quarter and Baixa, which means it can be chaotic. We bike through a capital city of almost 1 million people and you can expect the unexpected. Meet all the 2 types of people who may not enjoy our tours. 

Tour Itinerary

10:00 am: We will spend some time getting to know each other and the bikes. Once you are kitted out with helmets we begin our pedaling through Lisbon.

Av. Liberdade/Baixa

10:30 am: We´ll start cruising down the main boulevard of the capital and diving into the lower district of Baixa. This neighborhood can be considered Europe´s first example of urban planning. Street´s are named after traditional

This neighborhood can be considered Europe´s first example of urban planning. Street´s are named after traditional crafts and businesses. Originally the area was governamental and

Originally the area was governmental and commercial and, today, consists mostly of restaurants, shops and city commerce.


11:15 am: Here you will experience the traditional side of the city and a step back in time to the enlightenment period, we mean: this neighborhood can be considered Europe’s first example of urban planning. Streets are named after traditional crafts and businesses. Originally the area was governmental and commercial and, today, consists mostly of restaurants, shops and city commerce.

Ribeira Market Food Court

11:45 am: Follow the lead of locals and come for a browse in the main market. You probably heard about the sucess of the recently opened Ribeira Market food court.

Now, do you know where do these famous chefs buy the ingredients for their restaurants? That´s right, in the old and original market under the same roof and we will explore the daily show of fresh fish, locally farmed fruit and veg.

Witness how the renovation and the new riverside promenade helped boost the wining and dining scene in the hip Cais do Sodre area where 14 restaurants and bars have opened up in the past year

Bike Path

12:15 am: Life is really easy and pleasantable and along the water. We will see
joggers, other bikers, people getting some tan in the outdoors cafes, some sailing boats and lots of light!

The most recent Museum MAAT is a great place to stop for pictures!

Belém/Royal Palace

1:00 pm: We´ll pass in front of the Coaches Museum which houses the world´s largest collection of Royal Coaches, next door is the home of Portugal´s President (let´s wave!) and up we go for a ride under the arches of Ajuda Royal Place.

Although this palace was never completed as planned due to the exile of the royal family in Brazil caused by the French invasion of Portugal, it is still one of Europe’s most perfect romantic buildings.

Firstly it was a wooden building – commonly known as the Royal Hut, which burned to the ground – and then as the Palace as it is nowadays.


1:30 pm: Take the Green Corridor of Lisbon, Monsanto Forest Park, the largest green space in Lisbon, is a kind of wild but controlled wood, dotted with eucalyptus, Cork and pine trees.

On top of all that, the Monsanto Forest Park is an excellent lookout to the river and the bridge.

Now, if this isn´t a great way to see Lisbon we´ll quit and swift to something else.

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