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Cycling Lisbon’s blog is written by a cosy group of bike lovers, industry insiders, ex-racers, and cycling journalists. This blog is mainly, but not limited to cycling. Here you can find, from essays, reviews, and training advices to stories about our travels, about Lisbon or anything that we really enjoy.

Our main contributors to the Cycling Lisbon’s blog are:

  • Gonçalo & Vitor, the founders of Cycling Lisbon;
  • Bruno, who’s passionate about outdoor sports, specially cycling;
  • Eduardo, a Brazilian journalist living currently in Portugal, who has a huge passion for Lisbon.

Be our guest and enjoy your readings! Feel free to comment and share!

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Since you’re here…

If you’re coming to Lisbon, check our daily cycling tours! Even if you are a solo traveller you can join! Here they are:

  • Along the river and through the market – a 3 hours Half Day Lisbon Bike Tour;
  • City of senses – the 3 faces of Lisbon a 4 hour e-bike tour;
  • South of Lisbon – A full day in Arrábida Natural Park in an e-bike tour.

There are many things in life that you can skip, but you can´t skip Portugal and its Capital. Do it cycling in a Lisbon bike tour to discover the city and realize how beautiful it is.

Enjoy our blog posts!
Discover more in Lisbon, in less time with a zero carbon print. VISÃO Magazine has recently dedicated a few pages to the trending cycling tours around Lisbon. As VISÃO Magazine wrote, cycling is one of the healthiest and most ecological...
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The western edge of Europe has a unique mix of old-world traditions, new-world cool, and some of the best food and wine in the world. (It’s really the quintessential destination).     REASON #1: A CORK FOREST IN THE CITY...
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There are many wonderful places to visit throughout Portugal. The region is known for its stunning coastlines, vibrant, bustling cities, rolling vineyards, and charming farmland. Because of everything the country has to offer, there has been a recent uptick in...
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The best way to explore Lisbon! There is no better way to enjoy a city than riding a bike. In our tours you don´t need to wear Lycra to ride through the city, most people wear comfortable and relaxing clothes,...
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Some would say it is a bumpy bike ride, but  it brings me closer to the feeling of being a medieval knight ,riding it´s steed in the street maze of old Lisbon.It would be an adrenalin rush if i had...
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