South of Lisbon. Arrábida Natural Park


Cruise through Vineyards, beaches and #1 Market in Portugal! Ride Arrábida roads with its crystal clear turquoise waters behind our shoulders. There are all the reasons not to miss this paradise!

As part of our e-bike tours, this full day e-bike tour Arrábida combines the recently elected Best Beach in Europe 2017 and a visit to our favourite market in the country, all this will happen in a fantastic cycling route!

With our electric assisted bikes, riders of mixed abilities can now ride together in this full day e-bike tour Arrábida.

Welcome to the trip that shows you some of the best cycling roads and beaches we have. 40 min south of Lisbon, contrast and resemblance live in harmony. So close, hills, castles, vast estuary, vineyards, fish market, blue ocean, and yet all so distinct and away from Lisbon’s urban rhythm.

Be our guest on a Mediterranean journey.

From Templar cistern and its once precious water to one of the best fish markets in the world, our e-bike tour Arrábida will take us along the coastal , scenic roads of the Arrábida natural park on a eco-friendly bike ride that can only add extra “motivation” for a dip in the Best Beach in Europe 2017 and a picnic.

You only need to select the assistance level on your e-bike and you can work as hard or as little as you may want along the hills.

Red – Bright red gills, terracotta roof tiles, warm, joyful red wine.
White – White salt, white wandering cloud, white flaky fish.
Blue – Sheer celestial blue, all embracing sea.

About the bikes: It’s called “electric-assist” because that’s what it is; a boost when you need it, and a bike when you don’t. This isn’t a moped, and there’s no reason to feel guilty. It’s just another way to ride on your terms.

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Why take THIS tour, Why THIS tour with Cycling Lisbon?

We are the ONLY tour company doing this e-bike tour Arrábida. This Natural Park offers some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the country and it’s a pristine place that you don’t want to miss. Shopping for picnic at the best market in the country, going for a dip in a crystal clear ocean water and riding an e-bike on quiet Mediterranean style roads, it can’t get much better than this.

Who might not enjoy our e-bike tour Arrábida?

We haven´t found anyone so far who had not enjoyed our e-bike tour in Arrábida.

Full Day E-Bike Tour Arrábida Itinerary

09:30 am: Pick up at your Hotel followed by 35 min transfer from Lisbon (or Setubal)

Palmela Castle

10:15 am: Palmela Castle, once the headquarters of the Saint James Religious order and the starting point of our adventure. While we prep your bikes you’ll have a chance to stroll the Castle, and take some pictures of the Ocean down there and the mediterranean landscape waiting for you.

Once you are kitted out with helmets we begin our pedalling through Arrábida Natural Park.

Winery visit and old Windmill

11:00 am: Visit a local winery and windmill. Off the beaten path of most tourists, Quinta do Piloto winery is in its fourth generation of wine producers. They are now prepared to show the winery to visitors and we take advantage on it. A few pedal strokes away puts us on the top of the hill and the scenic line of old windmills. Some became small houses while others are still working and producing delicious bread. Time to roll down the hill to Setubal Market.

Setúbal Market

12:00 am: Setubal Market. Here, the silvery variety of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables will make any market look like a obsolete boring version of this one, no wonder USA Today elected it one of the best fish markets in the world. Time to witness the daily hustle and interact with the lively local sellers while shopping for picnic.

Arrábida “Mediterranean style” roads

1:00 pm: Be our guest on a Mediterranean journey. From eco to turbo, select one of the five electric assistance levels that your Bosch co-cyclist offers as you ride along the Arrábida roads, our favourite balcony. Here the e-bikes will easily take us along the coastal, scenic, quiet roads of the Arrábida natural park. A sequence of rolling hills along the ocean open the appetite for what´s coming next.

Pause at a fantastic beach and picnic

2:15 pm: What could be better than a eco-friendly bike ride to add extra motivation to a dip and a picnic?

Elected last April as the Best European Beach 2017, Galápos certainly has been our favourite for a long time. We will make a pause, go for a refreshing dip or swim and time for the picnic you bought at the market.

Back on the e-bikes we will pass by Azeitão and it´s traditional 17th century style tile factory and follow the quiet hardpacked dirt road along the mediterranean valley.

Around 4 pm: We finish this wonderfull full day e-bike tour Arrábida and will Transfer you back to your Hotel. Estimated arrival time at your hotel in Lisbon around 4:45pm.

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